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Weddings at FPCW

Weddings are wonderful! Much more than a twenty minute ceremony and a weekend of celebration, they mark the transition into marriage, which we hope will be happy and lifelong.

Therefore, at First Presbyterian, we take weddings very seriously, and invite anyone who claims the Christian faith to consider using our staff and facilities to get started in married life. You do not need to be Presbyterian or a church member; at least one member of the couple must express belief in Jesus Christ.

Marriage planning includes meeting with the pastor to discuss issues including communication, life expectations, spiritual commitment; meeting with the pastor and music director to plan the wedding ceremony. All weddings here are led or supervised by our pastoral staff; in some cases they will invite others to share leadership if the couple makes a special request. Similarly, if the organ will be used, our music director has that responsibility, but will also work with other ensembles or soloists. We recommend a minimum of three months for planning, even for very simple services.

Our English Chapel style sanctuary seats 500-550 people at full capacity. It is not air conditioned, and from late June through August or early September, it may be quite warm. Our smaller more modern chapel seats up to 70, and it is air conditioned.

For people who are not members of the church, the total cost for a wedding at First Presbyterian is approximately $1,000, including building use, pastor, music director, and custodian. Fees are reduced for those who have been active and become members.

Contact one of the pastors or the church office for available dates. December and holidays, including the two weeks before Easter, are generally not available.

The pastors will also officiate at some weddings at other locations.


Pastoral Associate Joy Nelson-Jeffers

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